AR Ultrasound Trainer By MEDARUS

Learn and practise your ultrasound skills and train for your assessments – any time and any where with your iPhone and augmented reality

Update: 2nd trimester scan with moving fetus. Video on our Discord.

Screenshot: Freies schallen

Unlimited Scan

Learn with the most patient patients.

Screenshot: Freies schallen

Guided Scan

The app guides you to document perfect images even in abnormal findings.

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Feedback Scan

Document your findings and the app provides feedback afterwards – just like real life.

So that our app can be recommended with a clear conscience, we have placed great value on a scientific evaluation right from the start. For this purpose, we published the study design in the form of a poster at the largest German-speaking ultrasound congress (three countries meeting (DEGUM, OEGUM, SGUM)). The discussion there brought some suggestions and constructive criticism from well-known ultrasound specialists. The poster can be found here (DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1606966)

The first results were presented as a poster at the 69th Annual Congress of Gynecology in Hiroshima, Japan.

And the encouraging final study can be read in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Serious Games (JMIR Serious Games).

The experiences of this first evaluation flowed directly into the next models and we can safely say that the app was properly designed and evaluated and continues to be.

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Professional comments on the ultrasound AR-trainer

Lukas Schwentner No time wasted for the diagnostics Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Dr. univ.
Lukas Schwentner
Maria Lipp Ultrasound skills need practicing. Now I can sit down with my students for hours and hours and practice! Cand. med. und Ultraschalltutorin
Maria Lipp
Kristzian Lato Thanks to the Ultrasound AR-trainer app my tutorials are more efficient and cover more. Dr. med.
Kristzian Lato

This Is How It Works

Optional organ: heart

The ultrasound AR-trainer teaches you quick and efficiently (and scientifically proven) the motoric skills, that you need for the clinical ultrasound. After the download and installation you need to print out the tracker.

The tracker is used by the app to place the patient on top. To see your patient you place the tracker in the US mode of the app in front of your camera. Flat for a lying patient, on the wall for a standing patient and if you turn it 90° the patient is on it's side.

After starting the app you choose the organ you'd like to scan. To see your patient you place the tracker in the US mode of the app in front of your camera. Once you move your camera onto the patient the image will change to the US mode and display the inner organs. Now you can place the patient in your preferred position.

To record your development, you take an image anytime from any angle. The next lesson 'guided scan' guides you to the 'right' planes for the documentation. In the upper left corner you find our guiding tool (a red circle with dot).

The white circle marks the 'ideal' plane, once the red guiding tool turns green (and the dot) its a good time to document your findings. Once an image is taken the second plane is displayed. After documenting the two planes you can double-check the images, discard and redo or if satisfied check your personal log.

In the last step you scan several patients and document your findings. But you are all on your own. No guide or feedback in between the cases. Once all images are taken you get rated on the image quality..

Like real life it is a challenge to get all images right, but skill comes with practise ;-)

You find more information, tips, tricks and discussion in our Discord:

Our Discord

The tracker simulates the patient:

Download or show tracker

The features of the MEDARUS Ultrasound AR-trainer

Screenshot: Free Scan

    Free Scan

  • a 'patient' patient, always available, no matter what time or day or how long the scan takes. No matter how many friends watch or comment
  • normal anatomy – you decide if standing or lying download
  • no annoying neighbouring organs – focus on the organ of your choice
Screenshot: Guided Scan

    Guided Scan

  • a realistic clinical case presentation
  • immediate feedback and guiding to the 'right' planes just as if a experienced sonographer is standing next to you
  • learn how to systematically document findings in two planes
Screenshot: Feedback Scan

Feedback Scan

  • the next step to expert and self-confident scanning skills
  • images get evaluated by the end of the 'day' as if you showed them to your consultant
  • option to discard single pictures and redo them

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About Us

For a couple of years augmented reality is becoming a part of our lives. In the daily medical routine there are hardly any applications using the potential. But more and more studies show the benefits of teaching via gaming.

In this context a first prototype of the AR-trainer was programmed. Unfortunately smartphones back then were not as common and as powerful to provide a satifying experience. Thanks to the technical progress more complicated calculations for the models can be done by the smartphone in real time. Plus smartphones are now everywhere, the gaming industry has launched serveral augmented reality games this all resulted in the start of MEDARUS with the aim to develop an easy to use ultrasound AR-training app in 2014.

Thanks to a grant by the BMWi for innovations and a university cooperation the first prototype was finished early 2016. The feedback and tight connections with clinicians was essential in the development.

The evaluation of a complete new learning and training concept is done scientifically sound with the 'UppStudie'. The results are being prepared for publication in a medical journal and will be presented at medical convergences (Lato et al. Introduction of augmented reality in ultrasound training – The set up for the UppStudy (Ultrasound APP Study); Ultraschall in der Medizin 37(S 01) · August 2016). This results in a user-friendly app with a scientifically proven benefit for fast and efficient ultrasound skill education.

Your team from MEDARUS
Florian, Rachel, Christian, Sebastian